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"Another puzzle" Reversi "game that will relax a bit in your spare time.

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Online game Truantduck Reversi

Game Description Truantduck Reversi online. How to play the game online "Another puzzle" Reversi "game that will relax a bit in your spare time. "Reversi" will not only relax, but also to spend all the time to good use, because the game "Reversi" like no other puzzle is able to train the brain. At the first stage the player will have to determine the color chips which to play. You can filter felts gray chips will defend, felts choose white. Once you have decided on the color chips can be ready to play. The main objective with which the player has to cope is the need to fill in all the playing field of the selected color chips. Opponent in the game is a computer with it and you have to fight. Each next move is made alternately with the rival. Rearranging your chip you have to put it so that it blocked the opponent's pieces, replacing their coloring. Account chips discolored, conducted automatically and can be seen on the scoreboard at the bottom of the screen. If necessary, read the rules of the game that are displayed after pressing the "help". The game will continue until the playing field will not take chip one of the players, and whose chips is greater, is the winner.
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