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Game Description Dots online. How to play the game online "Infinite arrays and online flash games - which are there only. But in our time remains widespread computerization so many scenes where you can entertain simple and familiar games on the development of logic and intuition. Feel the excitement that always hit the key in simple and accessible games schoolchildren enables game points. Fudge and skill were required to attend to on ordinary sheets ustaivaet whole battle. But today Points are also available, this is a game that you can play at any time, even if not under the hands of paper and a pencil. This lovely and lively flash game with a familiar story is intended for people of any age, who knows and loves to think prefers interesting and creative solutions based on simple and familiar moves. Point - it is traditionally unpretentious puzzle where you have to use lines to connect a certain number of points - what could be easier. Like, everything is simple, and in front of you in the monitor or display with dots placed on it, it can move according to the plot of the game.
Benefit from the exercise of the mind, pleasure and give a chance to compete with yourself - all the creators decided to flash games. Point in your mobile device and you can play every waking moment. Thanks to them, you get a lot of useful information - develop intuition, logic and well rested.
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