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The game Angry Birds was first published in 2009 and was designed exclusively for the Apple iOS, but shortly after the puzzle has become so popular that, one by one, began to leave the versions for other platforms. And, to the delight of gamers the opportunity to play Angry Birds online for free. In essence, the game angry birds is to ensure that through the player must slingshot to shoot birds on the green pigs, placed on different structures. These birds were angry because the pigs began to steal their eggs. At first glance, nothing special, but the "Angry Birds" sank into the soul so many players that the game Angry Birds has become the permanent leader of the download and want to play angry birds online was so much that at times did not maintain the server.Now angry birds everyone can play online - the game is available. In this angry birds online is constantly updated with new episodes, which means gaming interest is not reduced. In angry birds online play fun for growns and children. Puzzle this rather amusing than aggressive - despite the "evil name." Angry Bird - a wonderful lesson for those who want to briefly escape from work, and raise your spirits.

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