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Parkour - a unique phenomenon that was born and continues to grow right before our eyes, the windows of our apartments. Settled encyclopedic definition, this phenomenon does not yet have, there are different versions. Call it a sport still can not, it is rather a certain lifestyle, while those around are choosing a path from the list of paths already laid and existing, tracer (cultivator parkour) charts its own, unique and most effective way. That are able to teach and online games parkour, which already exists quite a lot.It's no secret that doing parkour in real life, the strength is not for everyone: here the need to have an initial physical training, and years of grueling training to get to a decent level, and the need for special diets ... But parkour games are available to everyone. Flash game about parkour generally follow the main idea of ​​parkour real: no borders, there are only obstacles, and any obstruction may even need to successfully overcome. And it can be learned, if you play in the game parkour.To play online games parkour at a high level, you need to be able to accurately calculate their power to control the state of the body, detect the slightest movement, so that the flash game about parkour can teach many skills that will be useful later in real life. Parkour is also able to teach the game to rely only on themselves, only on themselves, because to use any device or devices to overcome obstacles true tracer itself never do so. But the most important thing before you start playing the game parkour, should learn the main difference from the so-called Freerunning, because the two are often confused. Unlike Freerunning, where the most important - the obstacle most beautiful in Parkour it is necessary to overcome the most efficient and ergonomic, even at the expense of the external effect.In general, describe parkour game and talk about how to play the game parkour, can indefinitely, online games Parkour - a topic for a dissertation at least, if not a full book, so simply try to play the flash game about parkour and touch to this phenomenon personally, without intermediaries.

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