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Prince of Persia games have long been a cult, and not a lot of flash games that remain popular for decades. In a valiant prince who saves the princess by any means thousands of fans who are ready to fulfill this mission with him. Play Prince of Persia began in the early 90's, and now you can get acquainted with the game, if you have never played the game Prince of Persia. On a plot of the game wicked Vizier seizes power, threatening to catch up with the Sands of Time, which can destroy everything in its path. And to prevent this, as you probably guessed, and you can be the Prince. Play Prince of Persia is not difficult, it is necessary to use an active keyboard and mouse clicks. If you like adventure and do not mind a lot of difficult obstacles, the game Prince of Persia is the great option to play into something dynamic and exciting. The game is a mix of different genres, combining rapid and exclusive battle puzzle, which makes it almost unique. That's why playing the Prince of Persia is not boring ever, the plot is full of unexpected turns and keeps in suspense until the end of the game. Try these adrenaline adventures, and see what you can do.

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