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Akinator - a very unusual game of question and answer, which in virtual mode sets a gin. He tries to guess by leading questions, a character that you think of. Play akinator never get bored, because almost no questions are repeated, and the process drags on for a long time. Base of "reason" Akinatora constantly updated, because the play seeks akinator so many people and all the new characters in the program options are remembered. Therefore difficult to outsmart the genie. If akinator play guesses your option, you will be asked to write what you want done, and updated database of characters. Akinator play very easily, the game runs just by clicking on its name or image. Positive emotions and passion when communicating with the main character you provided. Akinator can play even with your child, let him make come true, his favorite cartoon character, and you will see him excited about how fast smart gin guess who it is. Akinator can be used to play a fun party with friends, where you can heartily laugh at the gin, if he guesses you have in mind. But he will not take offense at you for it, it's just a fun game ugadalka.

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