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Game Counter-Strike, but among gamers simply "Contra" - is the queen of shooters, the most popular game of this genre in the world, which keeps the palm for many, many years. Play contra online already a dozen years has been a favorite pastime huge number of players, and this in spite of a fairly simple and straightforward story.According to the plot of the game is played by two teams: the team of terrorists, which protects mortgaged their bombs, and special forces team, whose main task - to defuse the bomb and destroy the terrorists. It looks very simple, but playing in dissent less exciting of this becomes. The secret is simple: limit the dynamism and a multitude of different cards that are to play contra online at a high level, you need to know almost by heart.Dissent can play against computer opponents (they are called bots), but at times fun to fight with real people. To play contra online, created a lot of servers on which you can always find a worthy opponent. Play dissent was so exciting, that this game held entire tournaments, and even world championships, making it not just a game, and a full view of eSports.

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