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Economic strategy game for serious exercise and motivated people. They lack of war and destruction, and the goal is to create and develop some infrastructure, such as farm, city or even an entire state. Economic strategy game forced to earn money by selling goods and services and to spend it on the economy. But despite the peace topics, the economic strategy of the game you will meet envious competitors who will try to destroy your business. Playing in the economic strategy game, you will be quick response, and the ability to instantly make the right decision to competently beat your rivals. Choose a suitable category in the economic strategy of the game, and slowly work your way to their targets, forging the economy on its own territory. Economic strategy game greatly improve self-esteem, because they do not be proud of yourself that you have created and smoothly manage the entire economic infrastructure. In our website all submitted online games you can play for free and without registration, simply click images to play, tons of it will open in your browser window.

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