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Request "farmerama games" or slightly wrong brother "fermerama games" filled all the leading search engines. What is a play fermarama and why this activity has become so popular? Farmerama - a creation of the developers of the company Bigpoint, which saw the world in October 2009, and ever since successfully developing, attracting new players, many of whom have no idea how they lived before they started fermarama play.In short, the fermerama play online - employment in the first place for those who want peace and harmony, leisurely, but no less fun gameplay, the continuous development of their virtual farm, in a word, fermarama play - perfect escape from the hustle everyday life for the people who prefer to build, not destroy.Quiet world of gardens and orchards, meadows and forests, paddocks for pets and windmills - it's all here and attracts fermarama wanting to play. The main objective of farmerama play online - turn an ordinary piece of land into a paradise for the farmer by growing plants and breeding of domestic animals. To play fermarama, first player to buy a small plot of land, to decide that it wants to grow, plant or sow the selected plants, and then wait for the first harvest. As the level of the player and expand its capabilities, it becomes available for growing new crops and new uses of animals for breeding. Therefore, the higher your level, the more you play online fermerama be interesting.Harvested, it must be sold at the town market, and that the process of trade fermaramu distinguished from many other agricultural simulator that swarming with all sorts of social networks. After all, you can not just sell the computer, but with real players! But the possibility is not in every economic simulation, even the most advanced.This game can be told for a long time, but it is better to try once in fermarama play than hundred times to read about all the features of the game. Therefore, we recommend that you try to play farmerama online directly on our website.

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