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It has long been debates in which country originated backgammon, only that no one doubts that it is the East. But most experts still insist on Persia. As well known fact that in the 15th century AD, found in the tombs of a backgammon board. In our time, this game is no longer relevant, and with it, even many disputes are resolved, of course, in the East. The gaming industry could not heed this time around, and created the category of gambling play backgammon online. There are different types of play backgammon online - short, long, or symmetrical. To play free online backgammon board used divided into two parts plate, which is the bar. On each side of the players is at twelve points, decorated with six triangles. In order to play backgammon online for free, you need to understand some of the terms. In particular, the triangles to play backgammon online distributed in four groups of six each. Just for playing online backgammon players invited 24 points. These groups are called - your home, your yard, the house of the enemy, the enemy courtyard. Play backgammon online free to chips, or as they are called stones. Each player has their fifteen pieces. Different stones to play backgammon online for free from each other in color. While playing online backgammon uses two dice, "throwing" which player starts to move their stones. Play backgammon online need to as long as one of the players will not complete the circle of stones, will come into your house, and the first "throw" them. This means that all of the stones shall be located outside the board. Remarkably, that draws backgammon online play for free is not provided. Due to the fact that the player never knows what will fall out of bone, so to say good luck, play online backgammon why and relate to gambling. Play online backgammon is very exciting and thrilling, this game develops logic, strategic thinking and a great stay with my friends from chkvstvom adrenaline. It turns out that not only can play backgammon online for free in the classic version, but guess with nard, thatis predict the future, imagining that the playing field is the sky, and the pieces are stars moving across the sky. On our site you can also play backgammon online in three-dimensional format, which will fully enjoy the beautiful graphics and the confrontation rival.

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