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Rangers game - it is a bright story of courage, strong leadership and courage. This is a story about people with remarkable strength, which are designed to perform combat tasks and aviazahvaty cleaning buildings. Rangers games show how ordinary people become heroes and fight against evil. Ability to play the Rangers can replace characters, and play for the Rangers in different colors, each with a different superpower. And you with the Rangers, armed with a sword, you can save all the people from the invaders. Enemies are attacking, and to gain the upper hand in the fight, in the Rangers game you need to move faster and be more agile. You have to go through a number of levels, which are very different from each other conditions. Some rangers games to pass the time in other limited number of arrows that affect the quality of life. And where you are given only one chance to do the job, otherwise you lose. Feel yourself in the place of the great samurai, the city and its residents are waiting for your help.

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