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Heroes of the cult TV series, George Lucas just could not become the character of a variety of computer games: it appeared and the game Star Wars. Since then, Star Wars to play the game - one of the favorite activities of not only the children and adolescents of both sexes, but also a large number of grown users.Additional popularity of the game Star Wars gained because their subject matter is not tied to one specific genre. Star wars games are shooters and Fly, strategies and races, quests and the usual arcade, fighting, and even coloring. That is why everyone can play Star Wars games, selecting them based on their own taste and preference.Exciting adventures of brave and courageous Jedi Master Yoda wise, and, of course, the realization of universal evil in the face of Darth Vader will satisfy any fan is a cycle of films by George Lucas. On our site you will be able to play Star Wars games for every taste, with no need to register on the website and even more to pay anything.

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