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Now you can hardly find anyone who has never tried to play the game Tetris. The very name of the popular game Tetris Online - derivative of "tetrominoes" and "tennis". Invented Tetris, play for free which is loved by many, Alexey Pajitnov in June 1984 and provided to the court players. The idea of ​​creating a "Tetris" Pajitnov game pentamino suggested that he once bought in a toy store. He realized that playing Tetris game everyone loves.Simple rules of Tetris games online allow growns and children to practice her craft. They know all the fans to play Tetris online free, random figures here in the fall from the top of the flight, party games online Tetris can independently rotate the figure, move it horizontally for as long as it touches the bottom of the bottom strip of the game "cup." Starting to play Tetris online for free, you can accelerate the decline of the figures, if the player quickly decided exactly where it should fall. When a horizontal line, which is filled with figures close dial the required number of blocks, it disappears, dropping to one cell and then have to play Tetris online have warned that with every next line blocks disappeared, the rate is accelerating. As a new figure will not fit in the game, "glass", this game is over and you can again play Tetris for free, staying in the same field, and you can use another type of game, and continue to play Tetris online. As fans know the flash games to play for free, Tetris also involves addition of points, but in different versions, it is completely different. You can play Tetris online free, rewarded for the removed line or for the transition to the new speed. And can play Tetris online, to get credit for the discarded figures for the transition to the next level, and soetc.Also, fans of the game love to play Tetris for free where the game is not to get points, and the opening of a hidden image (like puzzles). In 1991, Sergey Sotnikov from Tula represented Tetris game, where you have to play in new ways. There disappearing lines - vertical, horizontal, diagonal, which are assembled from the same color. One of the newest examples of "Tetris," which evaluated the fans play free tetris - game Dwice same Alexey Pajitnov. Very much loved and Tetris game balls. The game «Tetris Mania» every amateur play Tetris for free can satisfy my passion for puzzles, having levels of Mergers, rockfalls and excavations. For lovers of all kinds of strategies created very cool game Tetris, a game in which it is necessary, using the power of the intellect. This «Tetris Blockout», where gamers will break his head over the placement of various units, which are represented in the game in three dimensions, as well as the obligatory point of view "from the top down." This is not a simple Tetris game balls! Here we have all the blocks should be designed to place at the bottom of deep galleries, so they closed, and the level is completely filled, the blocks leave the playing area and instead, new figures. You like fast race and still love to play Tetris online for free? Try «Tetris Pop». To be successful in this game tetris play online for free, you have to be just sverhbysrym man. Are you confident that you can win in three speed ranges game and its countless options? If yes, for you this game is Tetris, a game in which no adrenaline impossible. In addition, in this Tetris game online for free - so enjoy the superb animation «Tetris Pop» accompanied with vivid colors and excellent music.So, when the classic Tetris game for free to many sick, and there were Tetris game balls and other features in a new way to play Tetris for free, though it seemed that Tetris malovariativen. But life has shown that this is not true, and willing to play for free Tetris presents many opportunities. Surely, to play Tetris will be many more generations.

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