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"Winx", or, in Russian, "Winx" - Italian-made animated series that tells about the plight of girls fairies. The word "Winx" means slightly different version of "Wings" (translated as "Wings"), because each of the heroine of the series has its own "Pixie", the little winged fairy. Date of birth of "Winx" is September 28, 2004, when the screens came the first cartoon series. Since then he has endured several seasons of 26 episodes each. Main characters of the animated series currently enrolled in this animated analog Hogwarts, Winx Alfea.Due to its popularity characters of this film are the characters of the set of games, most of them - it's Winx dress up game. Playing games for girls Winx dress, girls can learn how to choose outfits for all occasions, to distinguish between what you can go to social events, and what - in a nightclub or shopping. Winx Dress Up Games - a great school for young fashionistas, that they go just to help those most cruise "pixie."Recognized as a leader among young wizards is red beast named Bloom, so often, and events of any game Winx dress is unfolding around her. But her friends are trying to keep up. Playing games for girls dress up Winx, you can meet with Tecna, who likes order in everything, with Muse, who loves art, commanding the forces of nature Flora. Winx dress up games as often dispense can give joy to any of Stella, and two girls, athletes, Aisha and Leila. Pick them clothes, hairstyle and make-up - a task that must be executed by playing dress up games Winx.Without exception, the game Winx dress up bright and colorful interior, the choice of various clothes in them is extremely large, which makes the games for girls dress up Winx interesting and enduring. We should not think that the game Winx dress designed exclusively for little girls, it is fundamentally wrong. There are games and dress up Winx girls are older, and many are able to play dress up Winx come to taste even a girl or woman.

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