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Flying online computer games are based on aviation and space travel and adventure. Playing them, you go into space on ultramodern spaceship, meet with robots, aliens, humanoids, representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations. The most advanced computer versions are basically famous art or animation films, literary works. Flying online flash games have their own script or contain one of the subjects of the "Big Fly". In the game you have to fight with the space invaders, rescue friends, to overcome various obstacles, perform complex missions. Flying online console games are the most difficult to require the corresponding potential of your PC and software. They use high-quality graphics, animation and audio soundtrack. Flash version of "letalok" more accessible and easy to learn and play. Manage characters and their actions, change the script and the playing is done by keyboard, mouse or joint manipulation. Play Fly online can own a computer, together with friends using additional mice or joysticks. The most sophisticated simulators allow you to play with remote partners or rivals over the Internet. While playing you can Fly relax, rest, recover for work or just to spend time. Some sophisticated computer versions have a large reference database and choosing subjects, equipping your spaceship weapons for astronauts, you can find out for yourself a lot of new and interesting. This is especially useful for children and adolescents who can spend hours just playing online Flying and sort through all sorts of original versions of the game and read the comments. In some versions of Flash to play Flying online can only using certain combinations of keys that need to quickly switch usually without detracting from the image on the monitor. This will help you and your children in the future is easier to learn fast typing and computer management "blindly". On our site you can play without registering Fly online and view a large number of various demos. All flash version letalok-Online we have games available for free, 24 hours a day.

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