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Online puzzle game designed specifically for those who like to think, to reflect, in a word, "break" head. Puzzles are usually attributed to the genre of casual games, whose main purpose - simply to pass the time. But other than that, online puzzle and can develop the logic and intuition player. Best games of this trend demand that plays to build a strategy that actively use the gray matter of the brain.The progenitors of the modern computer are conventional mechanical puzzles, board games and graphics, with the most famous antiquities. Closer their ancestor - is a well-known Tetris, born in 1985. At this stage of development, there are many thousands of games now play puzzles online is easy. Along with endless new reading of these have become classics games like Tetris, Lemmings, etc., are constantly coming up with new puzzle game play that is very, very exciting.Modern games online puzzles are intuitive, well-designed interface, each of which is a separate world, generated by turbulent imagination of developers. Some puzzle games online require collecting figures in the right order (for example, Lumines or Klax), other puzzle games online are built quite differently (Bomberman or The Incredible Machine): the player sees the area of ​​individual components and its task - to get to your destination overcoming all obstacles.To play the puzzle online, did not need a powerful gaming computer, they are extremely liberal to the system requirements, but less exciting of not becoming.In the puzzle game to play that you can on the Internet, also decided to include these types of logical toys like mahjong and sudoku. Puzzle games online is one of the varieties of mahjong, require the player to the limit of concentration to pick a pair of tiles that bear the same pattern. But the online puzzle game built on the principle of Sudoku, requires the ability to produce in the mind of complex calculations. Play puzzles online, you can directly to our site, given that all the games puzzle game in which we offer, all free.

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