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Battle in the classical way - it's a puzzle game, is much known since childhood. The main goal - first destroy all the enemy ships. Who achieve this result, he is the winner online games sea battle.In the canonical version of the game online sea battle action takes place on a square board, which consists of 100 cells. The game is designed for two players who, before you start playing in the sea battle online in this first arranges the playing field their warships. Usually this is done by dragging to the desired location with the mouse.Initially wanting to force a sea battle is played online and are composed of 10 ships of all sizes. The biggest, Four-, appears in both fleets in a single instance, and takes four cells. Triple-decker ships more, their two pieces, but the double-decker, occupying two cells playing field is three to each player. Finally, each player owned and four boats, small boat, which occupy only one square. Although it is the smallest ship, it is most important for any online games sea battle, as his hardest to destroy.In order to play in the sea battle online, all these ships must be placed in compliance with certain rules: no ship should not touch another board or even diagonally - is the basic principle of the game online sea battle. When the ships are placed, you can start a sea battle to play online.The process of online games sea battle is also quite simple. There are players at a time, pointing point on the playing field, they are going to hit. If the "shot" was a failure, the right turn passes to the opponent, but if there was a hit, the player gets the right for one more turn, and so on until not miss.Used to play the old, rascherchivaya playing field on sheets of plain paper, but for a sea battle game online, the paper is not necessary. The best online games sea battle is very nicely decorated with a graphic point of view, have befits music. Play Battleship you directly to our site, not only with the computer, and with real opponents, which is much more interesting.

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