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Solitaires - is, first of all card games for one person. Expanding the map according to certain rules, man sets himself a goal - or simply to achieve the opening of all the cards, or to find an answer to this question. Solitaire online can do it virtually on the Internet, at any time and in any place. Currently, online solitaire containing hundreds of species, from simple up to the most that play solitaire online free for hours, but did not find a solution. Results solitaire card also depends on how well raspolozhatsya card and on your perseverance, patience, and combinatorial solutions. Anyone tried it in my life at least once a solitaire game, some are installed by default on all computers and all of them know - this is Klondike, Solitaire, Spider. These cards can be played solitaire at lunch time, or if you want a little escape from the complexity of the case or something stressful. These simple games online solitaire almost always laid out in 5-10 minutes. But if you prefer a more igtellektualnoe entertainment, you should pay attention to complex puzzles online, which requires some concentration and the constant activity of the brain. After all, one wrong move, and all is lost, the result of many hours have to start again. Complex puzzles to play mainly used to predict events of life, a kind of divination, and they are very popular. Nowadays solitaire card - it is a gaming genre that a separate category of games developers. In order that it may be fun to play solitaire online free, games creators are looking for new historical records, which can be learned in a long-forgotten ancient form of solitaire. And according to the market and then provide gaming products made in the bow of its competitors. Fans is both simple and complicated at the solitaire online. And it does not mean that someone is intellectually weak, just a big layer of office staff, which during the day engaged in a professional brainstorming, and they just want to play solitaire and relax, just removing tension from the brain. For this and serve plain office clickers games online solitaire. But there is also another tendency: to play solitaire online free game becomes complicated lot of players, fans, for whom such a meditative exercise brings pleasure.

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