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On the origin of poker, card game, which has become a whole phenomenon, and not only in the gaming industry, but also, for example, in the film, the controversy did not subside until now. We only know that the name is supposedly derived from the German word "pochen", which means "to knock" and poker appeared in Europe around the 16th century. Incidentally, this refutes the typical misconception that games poker - the invention of the Americans, who alone in the whole world knows how to play poker properly. Although poker in the U.S. is really popular, it does not take away from them, millions of Americans love to play poker online for free. We have the desire to play poker for free is also present and ever growing, so that in this area, without a doubt, we the United States shortly necessarily overtake and surpass.The first written mention of how to play poker on the modern rules, has appeared in a long-forgotten memoirs of a second-rate actor D. Kauela that at least thus still leave his name in history. If not in the history of the theater, as he wanted, but in the history of poker games. Now poker - the second card game in the world, recognized as a sport (after the bridge) and the most popular card game in the internet (well, except that Snap can make it at least some competition). Play poker online for free can be in many specialized sites, annually hosts many tournaments, though given the opportunity to play poker for free, but they can win a very real money, and not small.In poker there are a couple dozen varieties, but the most popular at the moment is the so-called "Texas Hold'em", it is this kind of poker games preferred by most. The unequivocal answer to the question of how to play poker, there is no in principle, because it is a game with incomplete information, and besides, and the case depends very much. Whatever the system of the game people do not come up, it is still important in poker - the experience, so we advise you to play online poker for free on our website. We are fully confident that playing poker for free you will love, and it is possible that over time, you will become a supernova poker star, winning not only international fame, but also a solid money.

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