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Probably among seasoned gamers is hardly one who has never tried to play worms online. The first part of a series of games worms appeared in 1994 and made a splash. Worms - a turn-based game that combines elements of several genres. Worms games are very different from most typical turn-based strategy genre, but still they too could be considered for him, because there is a strategic component of Worms, when all the moves are performed in sequence.Play Worms very funny. On the playing field worms are cartoonish martial characters who are armed to the teeth with the most deadly weapons of war (baseball bats, nuclear bombs, etc.) Before the worms to play online, it is necessary to carefully read the rules.Each team manages individual player. On combat (playing) field appear bonuses: boxes of weapons, ammo, first aid kits, necessary tools. Shooting, chase, victory, defeat - all these emotional experiences completely absorb the attention of those who have decided to play Worms fully.Now, in the worms play online everyone can. Play Worms - it means getting a powerful adrenaline rush and really distracted from work.

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