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Dolls Bratz, despite its small size (their standard "growth" is exactly ten inches), entered the market in 2001, have won just the same crazy popular with girls from all over the world. The first dolls Bratz - four girls pripevochka, cherished friends, who consider themselves the most glamorous, fashionable and beautiful in the world. They love to party and music, teddy bears, and Brad Pitt, smoothies and movies, pizza and chocolate ... In general, the doll is not the embodiment of the average modern girls. These dolls are not spared the attention and the computer world, creating a whole game phenomenon called bratz games for girls.Though now Bratz dolls manufactured for more than three dozen species, the very first were four of them, they who are by far the most popular, so bratz games for girls, without one of them or all of their once happy company can not do nothing. Despite the fact that they are inseparable friends, each in its own inimitable and unique.Brunette Jade dreams of becoming a fashion designer, she was a tireless designer who loves extreme sports, experimenting with clothes and challenging but interesting job categories. Bratz games online, dedicated to Jade, will teach girls throw off the shackles of everyday life to the fullest and to use their imagination and creativity.The second doll, which you will certainly come across while playing the game for girls Bratz free, this is Alex, nicknamed Bunny, green-eyed brunette. Among dolls she is a leader who loves to be the center of attention. Playing the electric guitar and the hunt for the trendy things - her horse, so playing bratz games for girls, where it appears, will not be bored.Many games Bratz girls are also devoted to romantic Jasmine, who received from her friends nicknamed Princess. Loves dancing and music, and the soul is not in their sponding girlfriend Jasmine is able to make games for girls bratz free is very interesting and touching.Also playing games bratz online you will certainly see Chloe under way cold haughty beauty hides a sensitive and tender heart. Bratz games for girls, where the main character is Chloe, will teach girls tenderness and love.On our site contains bratz games for girls, you need to first download to your computer and play bratz online, which can be played directly on the website. Play games for girls bratz free, and without having to register.

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