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Pokemon popularity is extremely high, the creator of these characters do not even guessed that the game will be the second Pokemon to recognize users games after Mario. Initially, they were conceived as pocket monsters to battle with other Pokemon trainers. This story is strongly attracted game developers, resulting in, a wide variety of steel Pokemon games online. Over time, it turned out that this is totally not evil creatures, they love little children for brightness and good-looking appearance. These games can be used successfully Pokemon in the game process of the child, because there are many raskrashek, puzzle games, Tetris and toys. But Pokemon games will interest not only fans of these characters, but all who enjoys solving logic puzzles, memory games and sports games. Whatever genre of games Pokemon you choose for yourself or your child, fun and funny monsters will help complete the tasks in the game, which will undoubtedly bring great joy and pleasure. All Pokemon games are presented in this section of our site are absolutely free, they can be played at any time, even with a computer, even from your smartphone.

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Online Games:

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