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Magical parents game created based on the popular cartoon of the same name about a young boy 10 years old Timmy Turner and his fairy godparents. How do boy of ten, if he minded nurse who likes to be rude and do not know how to dream turned parents, of course, call for help of his magical parents Cosmo and Wanda, who watch over him. Fun games magical parents are unusual in that the patron Timmy become magical aquarium fish that can fulfill wishes. But Timmy's a little boy, and guessing right desire can not, so throughout the game magical parents are different incidents. Fans of the cartoon will gladly play games magical parents and waiting for new versions. On our site you will always find the latest and interesting magical parents games online and for free. In magical parents games you can play one or two. Timmy and have an enemy in the teacher Mr. Crocker, who zanmaetsya finding his magical parents. Magic games help parents in self man, increase the maturity and self-confidence.

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